Why my game are disconnet all time

Discussion in 'Report technical Bug' started by McDonnell, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. McDonnell

    McDonnell New Member

    Hey guys,

    I hope you'll help me with that.

    My game are disconnecting all the time.... Like every 10 minutes or 15 in max.

    Please help me, I started to play yestarday in this server and from the beginning he's doing this.

    Thanks for now!
  2. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    Check your internet by opening a cmd and ping any website.
    Check if theres a timeout, means theres a spike in your connection. Troubleshoot it because it is out of our reach, but we are here to help.
    You can also flush your dns and restart/reboot router.
  3. McDonnell

    McDonnell New Member

    Thanks for your answer, but I dont think its that, because I tested all of this in 3 differents days..
  4. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    perhaps it has something to do with your location. You can use any free vpn software incase it doesnt solve on your side.
    sorry for inconvinience
  5. Petroslav

    Petroslav Member

    A bit late but may be helpful for someone else that is experiencing the same. 1) Right click on the game icon and choose "Run as Administrator"; 2) If that doesn't help, click the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your screen and in the Search menu type Firewall. Open Windows Firewall and on the right side click "Turn Windows Firewall On and Off". Check the Off window. When you are not playing, keep it on; 3) If you are playing with more than one account at the same time, in the game menu go to Options and then Game. Check the box for "Render Game in Background".

    If none of those above help, then it has to be your connection.

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