Welcome to iRose Online - CodeZero! Introduce yourself :)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by xCodeZero, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. xCodeZero

    xCodeZero Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    Hello Everyone!

    We would like to welcome you to iRose Online - CodeZero!
    Please introduce yourself! :)

    Happy Gaming!
  2. JDoeBoy

    JDoeBoy New Member

    JDoeBoy/UltimateBuffer here in Canada
    Love the game
  3. mile

    mile New Member

    Demon King has arrive!
    Meliodas/Elizabeth here :)
  4. Grape

    Grape New Member

    Hello friends, little info about me

    In game name: Grape, Pure and Boon
    Age: 48
    Location: India
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  5. blazt32

    blazt32 New Member

    Aylkilyah will rip your throat.
    Make way and tremble to your death..
  6. Akihiko

    Akihiko New Member

    IGN : PrincessHanah for now
    Age: 29

    welcome to CodeZero Irose See yah ingame fella
  7. VinnSanity

    VinnSanity New Member

    VinnSanity here!
    Good Game Well Played to all players of iRoseCodeZero :)
    Lets Go!!!
  8. Aspire

    Aspire New Member


    Aspire(Knight)/Saphira(Cleric) Here! been playing on and off since official iROSE beta.

    Hope to see you ingame! :)
  9. koekwous

    koekwous New Member

    hi, ING belgiumbourg ==>from belgium ofc XD
    age 28 playing rose from my 12th
    love the game
  10. FaithlessResback

    FaithlessResback New Member

    Heyya, Yazan from UAE
    age: 24

    Hope to meet new peeps in-game!
  11. nofear

    nofear New Member

    nofear, from Portugal
    and here to steal all your drops!
  12. Rolfkuh

    Rolfkuh New Member

    Hello, My ign is WizzHexx, and i start playing Rose more than 15 years ago.
    Im from the Netherlands. Hope to see you ingame ^^
  13. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    welcome! Enjoy the game
    dont forget to invite your friends and vote for the game :)
  14. potatofudge

    potatofudge New Member

    Hiii umm was new to this game but have been to different private rose online before like arua rose (my first rose online game) then Srose online (been a [VIP] - next to beging a Game Master) and Alega Rose (Game Master) well that was like umm 3yrs ago and everything for me is like a new game and I'm like a beginner once again. Every time i look for an online game I always ended up playing rose onlines HAHAHAHA! I dunno why. I love rose game so much and I think that's why it leads me here. Hopefully I can catch up with you guys. Looking forward to meet some friends out there. See ya in game.

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  15. Teddylicious04

    Teddylicious04 New Member

    Teddylicious04/Champion Class
    King of Trashtalks in other RPG games loves to help newbies
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  16. Praetorius

    Praetorius New Member

    Hi there. Greets from France.

    My current main chars so far are : Praetorius (champ) & Maiwennya (cleric). Both just reached the lv 180 yesterday. ( Bye bye sweet fairy buffs :'( )

    I just found this server a week ago.
    Before that I started my RoseOnline experience on another private server almost a decade ago (2010 ? 2011 ?), TitanRose (my main char was Kermarec lv 210 champ plus some T3 chars Auriana, Criticus,...). I tried a few others servers but didn't like 'em.
    Until now. :)

    Me and my youger brother (Knightnibal) are now delighted to join CodeZero. A single week here and we can't stop playin'. :D

    Thanks guys.
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  17. Petroslav

    Petroslav Member

    Hello and welcome. Check the group on Discord if you haven't yet. The community there is bigger and information access is faster.
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  18. Uniq

    Uniq New Member

    I am just going to Introduce myself in a small Text
    My name is Uniq
    First of all Some people Might ask who is this dude?
    I am just a Not known Rose Player which started some Years ago
    and tried every Rose server since then but i played mainly
    for myself and didnt started any Conversations
    But now i am here and Started to think about
    Hm, you are doing Youtube and stuff why not just
    Livestream a old Game and get into the Community
    I am LvL 111 with my Fighter at the moment cause
    i am trying to farm some Start Zulie so everything is a bit eassier
    Eventually some people wanna watch my Journey cause everyone
    plays the game on their own special way (i am trying to speak English
    more fluent) i hope its going to be a fun time with this Community.

    Hope we see us ingame ^^
  19. macgen

    macgen New Member

    im macgen playing almost a month now ( not yet max... :(( )and im a cleric..its my first time here.it happens just pop up on my fb and try it..im still enjoying it atm....but deym so hard for me to level and get rich ahahaha.....im still learning this game and hopefully become a pro here..thats all....happy gayming guys ahahaha
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  20. rjackdaw

    rjackdaw New Member

    Im from philippines.
    Rose online player since 2008

    aim: craft castle gear

    query: is castle gear material and skill attainable or do I have to pay for it?

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