Discussion in 'Market' started by neworldorder, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. neworldorder

    neworldorder New Member

    I want to sell IM points in game for zulie. Can you guys give me idea how much would it be?
  2. alikral

    alikral Member

  3. Simmone

    Simmone New Member

    There are many Shops n Vending who buy IM point coupon for 900m -850m
  4. d4rki

    d4rki New Member

    make it OP as much you can, in the end you're the newbie here and the old players got enough $ to buy those point's even if it's going for 150-300m above the original price , you can have around 1.2b per 100point's even 1.350b don't rush with them in the end player's will buy them, the price of those points will never go down, i guarantee you this from my experience in the game and i playing from the start, they used to be worth 5m now 1.3b every month their price are increaseing-Good Luck Buddy :cool:

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