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Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Uniq, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Uniq

    Uniq New Member

    1. Fixing the Strength of Hitrate against Dodge Rate it seems like Dodge Rate is pretty Perfect cause
    High Dodge Rate = Monsters dont Deal Damage/Rarely dealing Damage
    but Low Hitrate = Still Hitting High Dodge Rate Chars it seems like Hitrate is the problem not like most
    people say that Dodge is underpowered Dodge seems Perfect Balanced
    2. No Damage Cap : It could help Balancing Classes like Bourg and Champ (One of the less played Classes)
    3. Debuffing the Scout Stun it seems like Scout is the Most Popular Class here in my Eyes mainly cause of the
    10 Sec stun but its overpowered compared to the pretty high damage of the Scout lowering it to 6-7 sec stun
    would be one of my ideas
    4. a 1v1 Duel System some People said would make PvP more active (5v5 but thats going to be Implemented with iRose Legends so 5v5 Duel System isnt needed anymore)

    That was some of the things which can be Implented/Fixed if i Find some more stuff i am going to do another
    Thread for it (Write me Ingame or on Discord so we can keep this kinda "List" Updated)

    Thanks for Your Time
  2. Aizenhart

    Aizenhart New Member

    I agree with this a lot

    No damage cap means you can actually deal more damage than intended to, it gives actual AP/Damage builds usefulness. If you wanna sacrifice survivability for damage why not right?

    The 10-sec stun from Scouts is probably the OPiest thing in the game right now given that it has a 40-50% chance to proc. It's almost as if scouts don't even need to build damage anymore as the 10-sec stun is already efficient enough to take out even the hardest targets given you can do at least 2 triple attacks in the whole duration. This is also the reason why scouts are the most popular class in-game since they can easily go in and out without worrying about how much damage they need to deal with. Being able to proc a stun is already enough for them. Given it has the same proc chance as bourg's stun shouldn't the duration also be about 4 sec? That way scouts are forced to build around other stats like AP and not just focus on dex and mobility.

    It's justifiable that Knights and Champs have at last two stun since they are melee, Raider's stun is incorporated to triple attacks so that seems already fair. As for the Mage, these classes should hold the longest stun in-game as they are focused on supporting their allies from behind silencing and debuffing players, also they are squishy.
  3. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    PvM has no problem at all yes.
    The only thing i can see right now is problem with PvP.
    As you can see, having atleast half HR can surely hit a high dodge character.
    The only problem here is the balance of item stat hr and dodge rate. We also need to implement masks dodgerate so it will help dodge to be more perfect during PvP

    theres already ultimate skill doing 9,999 side damage and 99,999 max damage for final hit.
    this wont changed as iRose skill internally built like this. The only problem here right now is xbow scout abusing item switch which will be fixed upon next few updates.
    This will be added soon too. its on to do lists.
  4. Uniq

    Uniq New Member

    i didnt ment stuff like Ultimate without Damage Cap i mean Chars like Bourgs which are Pretty useless when a Damage Cap Exists (for normal Skills) and Damage Build would make more sense then now
  5. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    sorry but messing with 1 or 2 class will mess with others too.
    We want all to be balanced and not to improve or nerf somebody else.
    We cannot set a certain limit for the least played classes as it will affect others and might cause a very big conflict within the game.

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