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  1. Neo

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    some thing that need to fix and some other sugestions.

    first of all the issue that cause the client close whenever you try to change resu gotta be fix cause its a basic option ingame.

    1 sugestion is to make super appear more times. sometimes you're farming 4h straigh and you get none.
    so if you wanna farm your embers cause you want your uw weapon you're going end up giving up cause its going to take lifetime.

    2 a way to have transparent skin or piece of equipement.( for example you can use a mask but you dont like the way it looks so you can you use your character face.)

    3 introduction of a7 ? perhaps? seems not a bad idea.
    3.1 having suits with 10/20 stats and increase the damage you can deal seems not a bad idea at all, plus pots that can heal more hp.

    4 uw sometimes you're out of stun and you can pot but the truth is you dont , so you die most of the times.

    5 whenever there is a weekmadness its gotta be announced ingame. when its over must be said as well.
    6.( is there a way for you guyz to prove that the suit that improves the drop really works) ??

    theres is probably some autograph errors but i think you can understand.
    then again its comming from someone that likes the game not someone that is looking for trouble or atencion. cheers
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  2. Petroslav

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    The resolution crash should be fixed. Going back to character selection screen and logging in another character most of the times leads to a crash as well.

    1. No unless they decrease the drop rate of legend weapons and gear. Currently, legend weapons except Legend Glacier Knuckles are so cheap. If super bosses are to spawn more often, then those weapons will worth nothing.

    2. Just use another mask that you like as costume. I think that would be a waste of developers' time.

    3. A7 has been suggested multiple times here. There was a poll here and on Discord with a wide majority voting against its implementation. Nevertheless, Daigo/savage said they are planning to add it in the future and removed the poll from the thread. But the thing with A7 is many people will start switching to x-bow knights and given the fact many are now focusing on x-bow scouts for UW and that ECF is a very large open map that favors fast characters, the typical melee build will go obsolete in wars.

    It's also unfair to just add A7, which favors hawkers and knights the most, without adding gems such as Turquoise, Aquamarine, and Onyx that will benefit muses and dealers. And now he have a whole new world that most of us who are looking for typical iRose don't want, and if we wanted, we could get from Arua.

    3.1. 10/20 stat is already available on Brave gear, Mask of Lies, and all IM back items and masks. Other than that, 5/20 stat offers enough attack power.

    Potions are fine the way they are. The cooldown is already 0.5 sec or less and most characters, excluding soldiers, have less than 4500 hp, so 1000 hp is enough. Having more than that would make pure tank knights and full dr-based x-bows scouts very difficult to kill unless ganged on.

    4. That's a typical behavior of hp bar in wars, not just UW. Sometimes when you are receiving large amount of damage during stun, especially long stuns, your hp bar still has something left when you get out of stun, which makes you pump the potion button. The hp bar in those cases has a bit of a delay at the end. But most of the times it's clear that you are dead when you have 500 hp left and someone blasts you with 2 triple attacks. I personally never had an issue with this and I don't see it as something deserving development time.

    5. Agreed.

    6. The yellow suit has been discussed many many times on Discord. Code said he will tune the effect in the future. As of now, that costume doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Code said the idea of it is to act both as Stockpile and to improve drop rate of better quality items. None of that truly works. I have two of those and 100% they don't have Stockpile effect. Items such as Cr and Au, for example, only drop in singles without Stockpile. I never got more than 1 wearing that suit on my knight. And I definitely don't see it helping be get more Au, Cr, hearts, embers, etc either.

    The only way I see this suit works is in solo (without party even with distant characters) when I farm for gear, for example in Prison. When I go to do the appraisal I would see better stats after farming solo with that suit compared to normal cases. BUT, I might be just believing what I want to believe.

    Regardless, that costume stat sounds overpowered if it ever gets fixed and it starts working right. They should nerf it or make it way more expensive.
  3. savage

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    I agree with everything, but still we need more of it to be discussed.

    The only thing that leads your client to crash is switching to another client whilst other client is on loading screen.
    example: you have 2 client, you use scroll on client1 then you switch immediately to client2.. that lead client1 to instantly crash.

    Super will only be spawn with 2% succesrate after defeating thesame boss.. increasing its % will lead the market to be flooded by those material. We like the old idea of this as you can see now only few person has it. It suppose to be an end game equip and it will be.

    lets see what I can do
    this has been discussed but yeah why not add it in future
    10/20 are available here

    pots has cooldown and you cant spam it as petrolav said it only heal 1k of your HP. so imagine if 3 player start to attack you with tripple attack which damage more than 1k
    you need enough gear to tank or atleast kite them in order to survive

    it is announce in discord and facebook page
    yes it does but a bit, since its only increaseitem drop 5 comparing to bourg stockpile which gives 40
  4. Neo

    Neo New Member

    When I mentioned the super rate increase it was because besides being super hard to find wich I guess it’s ok cause they drop end game stuff but I don’t know if it’s only me but I can tell as for me 80% of supers drop elver leg or the weapons. All I wanted was to get better changes on embers. Then again this is what I’ve been seeing with my eyes. Or maybe I’m the unluckiest man alive eheh

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