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Discussion in 'Report technical Bug' started by Kretien, Aug 10, 2019.

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    on going issue - everytime i log in, the visual is squished, so i have to kept changing the resolution, and it will be back to normal... occasionally it freezes and crash. getting very annoying.

    most recent development, i went to Luna, and can't seem to get back to junon or eldeon, NPC was talking gibberish? HOW THE HELL do i get out of Luna? why all of a sudden, this happen? never had this problem before until recently, usually just pay some zullie and we get to travel anywhere.
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    When you reach level 42, you will be able to visit Planet Lunar. Unfortunately, you will not be able to understand what people (NPC) are saying. To learn Lunar languange, you need to talk to [Akram Ambassador] Eliot and he will teach you how to speak Lunar language and always remember to communicate through the heart. :)

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