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    Hello again back here with another question. Since the last time i've played ROSE was back in '09 and there has been a lot of changes. one of my favorite is the costume slot enabling you to change your look anyway you want. Now the topic has raised me question.

    "Do the costume items with mark "M" found in the item mall, add corresponding stats when equipped on the costume slot?"
  2. savage

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    Hello, itemmall item marked as M means mileage item that means its only exclusive in the itemmall.
    Its stats that you can see which we called "base stat"
    Now when you purchase them, you will get another value of stats which we called "extra stat" thesame what we called on normal item after appraising.

    Now when you go at costume inventory at alt+i, when you shift+click to an item.. it will automatically equipped as costume.
    Wearing them as costume wont give you any additional stat because its base stat and extra stats are removed automatically.

    We have implemented costume bonus set which those set are giving complete bonus stat while wearing as whole set, you can see them at alt+K > Items > Costume Box
    Take note that extra and bonus stat are ignored during costume and we only allow its set effect.
  3. Aizenhart

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    Ok thanks for the clarifications

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