PATCH v2275 OCTOBER 12 2019

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    • Fixed stats effect of Seasonal Item mall Costumes.
    • Fixed Halloween dance scrolls.
    • Fixed Arcidian Katar and Staff attack range.
    • Fixed Arcidian Wand normal attack effect.
    • Fixed NPC Achmed handover item quest proofs.
    • Fixed and scaled Union Skill damages.
    • Fixed clan upgrade quest description, now it shows correct requirements.
    • Fixed the restriction of Halloween Outfit from halloween coupon to [Account Bound].
    • Changed Junon Polis banner to Halloween.

    [Union War]
    - An attempt to fix union point reward system, hopefully this will be fixed. We notice that some players don't get the reward points. In future if you didn't receive please let us know what are the last thing you do after teleport back to junon.. eg:it takes time to teleport back to junon, disconnect on a party, doing solo and without party.. etc.etc...
    - Dusk crystal error, it now retaliate when being attacked and also a fix that it cannot be taunted anymore. We revised its files and hopefully the error wont show up.

    [Clan Arena]
    - Adjusted shop prices.
    - Adjusted NPC Burthland shop restriction to Deputy Master and Master only.
    - Adjusted fee's and clan crystal requirements.
    - Adjusted reward boxes.
    - Adjusted clan arena Boss, now it has chance to drop clan crystals too.
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