PATCH v2269 OCTOBER 02 2019

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    PATCH v2269

    Added Halloween Event 2019

    Halloween is near! Collect your treats and costumes at the Pumpkin Island.

    Or Halloween Event NPC needs your aid. Come talk to them at once!

    You can enter Pumpkin Island by entering the portal at City of Junon Polis.

    Halloween Event possible rewards:

    • Halloween Cart Set
    • Halloween Mask Set
    • Devil Costume Set
    • Frankenstein Costume Set
    • Mummy Costume Set
    • Vampire Costume Set
    • Werewolf Costume Set
    • Wicked Costume Set
    • Zombie Costume Set
    • Storybook Costume Set
    • Tea Party Costume Set
    • Fable Costume Set
    • Fairy Tail Costume Set
    • Love Story Costume Set
    • Witch Costume Set
    • Bat Costume Set
    • Pumpkin Costume Set
    • Scary Pumpkin Costume Set
    • Mummy Costume Set
    • Candle Ghost Costume Set

    Added 9 new seasonal costume set in the Item Mall.

    • Angelic Demon Box
    • Spooky Scarecrow Box
    • Cute Eater Box
    • Pumpkin Knight Box
    • Black Widow Box
    • Elegant Halloween Costume Box
    • Renaissance Halloween Costume Box
    • Gothic Pirate Costume Box
    • Beautiful Halloween Costume Box
    Added new coupon code "HALLOWEEN2019"

    Added zulie conversion to all in one NPC [Battle Ground Assistant] Leia
    - She can now convert your zulie, denomination of 100m, 500m and 1bil zulies. This is added to take ease for some player who is having trouble trading 2.2b and above.
    - Take note that if you have more than 2.2bil zulie in your inventory, your character will be bug out, and that includes being unable to sell/buy item at vend, talk to npc ex:transportation, and converting into tokens. This will be fixed by next patch.

    Added 3 new shields in Item Mall.

    • Steampunk Amulet
    • Steampunk Shield
    • Spartan Shield
    Added 13 new weapon in Item Mall.
    • Arcadian Sword
    • Arcadian Hammer
    • Arcadian Bowgun
    • Arcadian Hander
    • Arcadian Axe
    • Arcadian Spear
    • Arcadian Bow
    • Arcadian Gun
    • Arcadian Staff
    • Arcadian Wand
    • Arcadian Katar
    • Arcadian Dualwield
    • Arcadian Cannon
    Added 50 new items in Item Mall.
    • Kungfu Suit
    • Manequin Body,Gloves and Shoes
    • Artillery Suit
    • Spartan Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Venus Black Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Venus Blue Suit
    • Venus Red Suit
    • Venus White Suit
    • Steampunk Blue Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Deepblue Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Deepgreen Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Deepred Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Deepyellow Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Green Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Paleblue Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Palegreen Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Palered Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Paleyellow Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Red Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    • Steampunk Yellow Body,Hat,Gloves and Shoes
    Added 39 new weapon to artisan craft-able.
    This includes Holy, Dark and Enhanced Steam Punk Weapons

    Added 8 new equipments to artisan craft-able.
    • Oppressor Armor
    • Legionnaire Armor
    • Aristocraft Vest
    • Majestic Vest
    • Pathwalker Chest
    • Windreader Chest
    • Fateshaper Suit
    • Smokeweaver Suit
    Added new set of materials that is used to craft new equipments.
    • Element Crystal
    • Wind Gemstone
    • Fire Gemstone
    • Water Gemstone
    • Holy Gemstone
    • Earth Gemstone
    • Green Liquid
    • Red Liquid
    • Blue Liquid
    • Yellow Liquid
    • Ancient Hat Print
    • Ancient Armor Print
    • Ancient Gloves Print
    • Ancient Shoes Print
    Added new Boxes/Chest as a posible reward at Junon, Lunar and Eldeon Invasion and "Union Reward Box" at Union War.
    • Random Crystal Box
    • Random Liquid Box
    • Random Gemstone Box
    • Random Print Box
    - Fixed Magma, Frozen and Poisoned Hitting Rate when refine to (9)
    - Adjusted Daily Challenges item mall reward to be set to only level200.
    - Increased the crafting success of Magma, Frozen and Poisoned weapons.
    - Reduced the experience from Ikaness Heavy Gear and Moss Golem.

    The boss is abused by its huge amount of exp, and party will also bug out in case this is killed before.

    - Removed Gem 3 and Energy Jam+10 to Eldeon Super Boss and replace them with new materials.
    - Edited Junon Sky and Added falling leaf effect for Halloween Event.

    (NEW) Added Eldeon Clan Field


    • You can now enter Eldeon Clan Field by speaking to NPC [Raaknu Protector] Maxi at Forest of Wandering (near Sikuku Prison gate).
    • Take note that only clan level 3 and above may enter the map.
    Eldeon Clan Field Mobs list

    • Lv.192 Lion Sikuku Guardian (Boss)
    • Lv.160 Nepenthes Guardian (Boss)
    • Lv.188 Predator Guardian (Boss)
    • Lv.200 Turak Guardian (Boss)
    • Lv.168 Pincer Guardian (Boss)
    • Lv.173 Hook Guardian (Boss)
    • Lv.188 Sikuku Guardian (Boss)
    • Lv.143 Pincer (Minion)
    • Lv.187 Sikuku Destroyer (Minion)
    • Lv.189 Sikuku Killer (Minion)
    • Lv.170 Predator (Minion)
    • Lv.147 Nepenthes (Minion)
    • Lv.173 Lion Sikuku Assassin (Minion)
    • Lv.171 Tiger Sikuku Tracker (Minion)
    • Lv.199 Ikaness Worker(Minion)
    • Lv.200 Ikaness Leader(Minion)
    • Lv.202 Orpe(Minion)(Minion)
    • Lv.204 Orpe Lukete(Minion)
    • Lv.206 Melt Dut(Minion)
    • Lv.208 Moss Ant(Minion)
    • Lv.215 Moss Golem (Boss)

    Added 29 GFX for Union War unique titles and Donator titles.
    SAMPLE: [​IMG]

    - Fixed an error where server map would freeze on some AI functions.
    - Disabled the trade on PvP Areas.
    - Disabled the carts on PvP Areas.
    - Added a guide window for Arua's Fairy rune. Every new account will get the notification as they are rewarded rune.

    (NEW)Added Clan Arena

    • Fight bosses in Clan Arena to challenge your strenght, earn loots and increase your clan level.
      - Arenas have a limited number of respawn chances, and a 20 minutes timer. Arenas difficulty is progressive and shown with stars rating.
    • Added a guide window for Clan Arena feature. It will show up once your clan ranks up to grade 4.
    • Added clan grade 4 : 15.000cp
    • Added clan grade 5 : 40.000cp
    • Added clan grade 6 : 150.000cp
    • Added clan grade 7 : 300.000cp
    • Added clan grade 8 : 600.000cp
    • Added clan grade 9 : 950.000cp
    • Added Clan Funds functions.
      -You can now add clan funds at Burtland if your clan is grade 4 or above to participate in your clan's activities (Arenas will be paid only with clan funds)
    WARNING : Only clan master can use clan arena skill and start an arena fights. You will need to unlock and meet all arena requirements before being able to enter it. If clan master is kicked out of arena for any reason (D/C or anything) the arena wont be considered "beat" even if the boss was defeated. You will still get rewards though.

    Added reward boxes in completing Clan Arena.

    • Surprise Gift Box
    • Bronze Arena Chest
    • Gold Arena Chest
    • Mythical Arena Chest
    • Platinum Arena Chest
    Added new clan currency Clan crystals.
    -You can get them in Clan Arena and they will be used to increase your clan grades and unlock new arenas.

    Added Clan Crystal Shop
    -You can open the clan crystal shop by speaking to [Clan Owner] Burthland, he requires clan grade 4+ and you must be the Master of the clan.

    Added clan crystal consumable items to Clan Crystal Shop
    Added 13 new weapon to Clan Crystal Shop (also drop from arena boss)

    • Steampunk Sword
    • Steampunk Hammer
    • Steampunk Hander
    • Steampunk Spear
    • Steampunk Axe
    • Steampunk Bow
    • Steampunk Shooter
    • Steampunk Cannon
    • Steampunk Rod
    • Steampunk Knuckle
    • Steampunk Dual Wield
    • Steampunk Bowgun
    • Steampunk Wand
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