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  1. Uniq

    Uniq New Member


    "Clan Based of a Livestreaming Project"

    -Its nice to have a Helping Hand as a Newbie

    About Us
    -This Clan Started just like 2 weeks ago in my Livestreaming Project on Youtube
    so here we are now we are a Neutral Clan for Everyone who wants to grow
    on this Server.

    -This Clan aint got Real Requirements out of not Being Toxic and Respecting each other

    How to Apply
    -Send a Message to me (Discord/Ingame)
    Writen with the Application Form

    Discord: Uniq#7461
    Ingame: Uniq/UniqFarm

    Application Form

    In Game Name:
    Clan(If Currently In One):

    We See us Ingame ;)

  2. Chang1e

    Chang1e New Member

    Hi i am so interested on this kind of clan.

    Please invite me:

    In Game Name: YatakiTumbi
    Clan(If Currently In One): None

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