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  1. Snake

    Snake Member

    Can we get an NPC or a Menu/Tab that opens a marketplace for all shops that are vending. So you can search for an item and sort by price etc, saving you a lot of time. OR if there was a way to know if you have already visited a shop. When looking for new shops the next day, it's hard to see which ones are the new ones.
  2. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    this is what I like.
    Ill try to talk with the team regarding this one.
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  3. bigjerk

    bigjerk New Member

    Thank you for looking into this. We hope for an update so that newbies can study the items that are necessary to keep in this game
  4. alikral

    alikral Member

    no its kill vend system we are fine and we dont want market research !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. bigjerk

    bigjerk New Member

    says the guy who sells blue hearts at 100billion. this is the reason the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. for god's sake you are not freaking Kim Jong Un
  6. horn

    horn New Member

    no market system pls it will destroy prices if you are lazy to look in shops just simple dont look in them go put market system and you cant make money because everything will have one price ..i can see you very jelouse that other people work hard farming and sell price they want nobody pushing you to pay price people want you can always check other shops ..not happy with price no problem ...farming world is big get on it...btw if you new player you need work hard to keep up with people that work hard and play this for year ..if you want be same like they are simple farm and work hard for a year like everybody than you will be on same lvl ..other option you can buy im points and sell them high price in game. cya
  7. Snake

    Snake Member

    Ya nice assumptions horn, but I have no problem with farming and have plenty of zulie. I just hate searching shops with lag/low fps as there is many players, it's not fun and very time consuming. You joined in feb 2020, so maybe it's you that is a new player.
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  8. Blackbone

    Blackbone New Member

    +1 on this. do we have any update on whether it's gonna be implemented?

    also I want to suggest refined search options for items such as

    level requirements
    job type
    item stats (x/15 x/20 etc)

    and also the ability to mark the shop selling the item/s we're looking for

    and have players pay a price just to use this NPC just like you would when you portal to luna or eldeon
  9. bigjerk

    bigjerk New Member

    After playing the game for a while now i understand what you guys are saying. However, it would be convenient if there could be an NPC who can teleport you directly to this vendor who sells this particular item (no price shown if possible) due to the fact that there are tons of houses.

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