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Shouldnt level 210 have advtantages 170s dont have?

  1. make leveling MATTER

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  2. 170's rule the game

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  3. Make leveling great again

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  1. avery

    avery New Member

    Hello i would like to just share my opinion. I think its really stupid how level 170s are able to kill level 210s.. i think you guys should really fix it because it makes it Pointless to get to level 210 because why not just stay 170 then you can keep your fairy and kill level 210s. 170's shouldn't even be able to hit a 210 char it completely defeats the purpose of getting max level which is the only reason to get to 210. and 170s actually have a HUGE advantage in pvp because fairy acts as buffs youd have to be bring your cleric both higher than 170 just to kill a single 170 with a fairy. do you see how this makes it so even being level 210 is pointless, the whole point of getting maxed is pvp mostly. it just discourages people to get max level because at 170 they have all the advtantages. they have full buffs without buffing, being able to farm aswell as being really OP in pvp because of fairy, its WAY easier than getting to that level than to 210, it makes the game WAY easier and way more reason to fix this. there are no advtantages to being level 210. and that's sad to me =( Please fix this.
    i hope you take my idea into considerations. thank you so much!
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  2. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    can you show a video how your level 210 dominated by level170?

    privately share your status and equip to me.

    level170 can hit lvl210 with normal attack and not skills.
    lvl210 can easily stun lvlgap players.
    if your lvl210 doesnt have proper gear and comming to a pvp area unbuff, then no point of reporting such things
  3. Icefarm

    Icefarm New Member

    killing good geared 210's is hard with 170 chars.
    fairy wont give hp buff so as 170 you actually need a cleric to be able to surive hits.
    the 170 chars killing 210's are most likely from my clan.
    they are all geared with gem7 and 9ed weapons.
    the only big advantage a fairy gives you is on spawnfights. you will spawn with insta buffs instead of needed to be buffed by cleric.
    skills have a low % chance to actually hit a 210.
    i feel its ballanced.
    just giving my opinion
  4. avery

    avery New Member

    That’s not true you’re just trying to assure your level clan of 170s will stay the best. I tested it with a 165 no gear vs a 204 no gear my 165 destroyed my 204 regardless of stats that should never be able to happen. I have a video too If you’d like to see it.Nice try though. Looks like your clan is going to be forced to level now :)
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  5. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    My god why are you comparing 165 to 210 lvls,

    I dare you to show a video about level165 vs level210 pvping even using their normal gear unrefine
    Be sure that level165 doesnt wear FAIRY RUNE

    If lvl165 wear a rune, be sure that lvl210 has buffs thesame int as fairy of their oponent.

    Reporting such thing has no logic at all,
    They are comparing lvl165 with fairy rune killing a level204 cleric unbuffed nor even defensive buffs.

    We are talking about real pvp and not standing away watching your character to die with normal attacks of lvl165 without doing anything.

    any low lvl can attack and technically do damage/hit to a max lvl , but the thing is skill wont work as it is levelgap.
    This is how roseonline work and it all applies on all irose servers
  6. Chilly

    Chilly New Member

    It sounds like the bigger issue is that fairy buffs disappear after 180, maybe it should be extended so that 120s can get the same fairy
  7. henco

    henco New Member

    there re a few points you forget.
    - we got 550int buffs
    - full pro stat sets 9ed
    - weapon 9ed
    - full gem 7
    -archangel/archdevil wings (30hitrate)
    -play for over 10 years and know how to play
    - and yes.. when we die we got a fairy.

    guess you re one of that 210 without gear or anything, since we need mages with debuffs or multiple stuns to kill decent 210's.

    thnx and lock this bullshit down please
  8. henco

    henco New Member

    ps i vote for 170 rule the game :D
  9. avery

    avery New Member

  10. Yoohiii

    Yoohiii New Member

    Just make it where fairy goes away in pvp areas?

    Or make fairy available for 210 with a quest...
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  11. koekwous

    koekwous New Member

    lol only advantage 170 got is fairy if u got good cleric and 210 u reckt them ez but the fact is u just under geared so why crying?
  12. avery

    avery New Member

    That’s my whole point.. lvl 200 should not be the disadvantaged one vs a 170. They have it great they don’t have to have a cleric for buffs and a lvl 200 does.. do you see my point? 170 should not get the advantage over the 200. I think a level 170 should never be able to even accurately hit a 200. Almost any mmorpg I know that’s how it is. Fix this or make the max lvl 170 or else when union war is done there will be all 170s with fairy’s pwning 200s
  13. beavis

    beavis New Member

    I agree the fact 170s can kill 200s is ridiculous 170s definitely have the advantage. Why even make a 200 if you can make a 170 much easier and it’s good for pvp and farming
  14. henco

    henco New Member

    then make an 170 char too.. we all got that oppertunity.. and btw we only rek with buffs. only fairy is too weak. or we gotta 2v1 or 3v1 but that seems completely normal to me.
  15. Broto

    Broto New Member

    The problem is that Cleric Buffs are staking with the Buff of the Fairy, so the lv 170 characters can fight a 210.
    My character is all +9 full gem 07 and I die for a 170.
    My friend has a Xbow 900+ dodge and they can get it right with a lv 170 character, I do not think this is normal on other rose servers, this is just because the Fairy buffs are staking with Cleric's Buff.
  16. avery

    avery New Member

    Nope, as you see in the video i send i did not have buffs on with my fairy i am unbuffed that is a problem but was not why i was destroyed.
  17. nofear

    nofear New Member

    Not to defend the lvl 170 scrubs, but unless something changed in this previous 2 weeks i havent played, theres no way a lvl 170 can solo kill a 210. I unbuffed could survive the rage of a buffed 170 lol.
    I think as long as dodge is working corretly there's nothing to be changed.
  18. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    as per next update
    we manage for cleric buff or buff scrolls to be unable to be used when a player is using a fairy runes.
    A message will be pop up that "buffs cannot be overlap"

    this will also stop player to abuse buff on 1st use and unequip and equip their weapon+buff. (yes it do stacks and its a bug, your 1st target will suffer for x5 damage)

    and also to stop low int cleric buffing newbie with fairy to replace their exsisting buff
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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  19. avery

    avery New Member

    i have a video scroll up and watch it
  20. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    Its unavailable, post it as public.
    You have posted a video and its like only your account can view.
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