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    Is this considered as violating the rule #6 ? Because seriously I don't understand what he was saying, I was just farming and then he comes saying that all of us that are farming there should give him like "payment" for us to be able to farm there or die, and then he killed us all there. Lol! Then we killed him after and now he started like cursing us all there?(I guess in their language). Hope to know about your thoughts here. Thanks! :)

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    Trashtalk is one thing on all mmorpg beside its a PK area. Unfortunately we cnanot do anything into these.
    if it only happen once, then its fine. Theres a case where we can ban player like eg: multiple verbal talks, cursing, putting real names, shouting, whispering, spamming and it will not be tolerated.
    Beat them or dominate them on that map in order to survive.

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