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    1. Hacks, exploits , bug exploits

    Any kind of hack, exploit, or bug exploit is considered illegal and is a bannable offense. This includes use of any 3rd party program to manipulate or modify the game, using known in-game bugs for ones advantage, and exploiting game mechanics in a malicious way.

    2. Auto Hot Key Rules

    We allow the use of auto hot key while being active in game!

    Consequences while being away from keyboard!


    Every report is taking serious and we are watching closely!

    If you are not able to respond to any Admin, GameMaster or Developer within 2 - 4 minutes you will receive PERMA BAN on all character involved!

    You will recognize a staff member by their title <Administrator> <Game Master> <Developer>

    3. Farming Rules

    [PK ZONE]

    KS are allowed (applies to any level)


    KS’ are allowed on all King/Boss type monsters if the player’s level is substantially the same with monsters (this applies to green-named monsters)

    KS' are NOT allowed on all King/Boss type monsters if the player’s level is way higher than the King/Boss (eg: lvl210 killing grunter King)

    To everyone as fyi, Ksing on normal monsters are allowed but there are certain limits whenever it’s being abused or players are just chilling/making quests. We understand the frustration but this is how most of MMORPG works. Now we know KS’ are problems especially on new players which don’t have fully geared equipment or basically those who just started to play the game. Now, good news! () We are trying to make a () lot of ways of farming so even if you don’t have enough spots on certains maps, you have other things to do.

    KS are allowed and NOT allowed on all normal monsters

    Some certain rules still apply on KSing normal monsters from a player on a non-pk zone.

    Example: A player spawning mini-warbiz on warbiz at Xita Refuge and someone else used AOE to KS () monsters and its drop.

    This is something we don’t tolerate as we know that it’s intentional as there are plenty of warbiz monsters on Thesame / the () same map.

    Ksing are allowed depending on the players, all you need to do is to be polite and talk to them. You know for yourself if it’s too much or not, we have report section here at Forum. Just send a video or photo as proof.

    Hope everything is clear and if there’s any question. Please feel free to leave a comment.

    3. Impersonating a Staff Member

    Impersonating any Staff member is not allowed. Pretending to be a Staff member on a regular account. All staff members can be identified by their title <Administrator> <Game Master> <Developer>.

    4. Disrespecting a Staff Member

    Every CODEZERO Staff member should be addressed and treated with respect. This also implies for the Staff members themselves when interacting with players. Failure to follow this rule will result in punishment. If you think a Staff member is being disrespectful or breaking any rules, feel free to notify an Admin via forum with evidence of the claim, DO NOT take matters in your own hands.

    5. In-game items / Trading items

    The server holds no responsibility over loss of items via scam or player mistake. Your items are your responsibility. If you purchased a wrong item from a NPC or another player, it will not be refunded. Always look twice when purchasing items.

    Note: Account selling/items/in game money is not allowed in this server, those who are caught selling accounts/items/in game money, via RMT will result to account's permanently banned.

    5.1 Scamming

    As mentioned above the server holds no responsibility for scamming. If a player is scammed he/she can send in a report via Forum. With enough evidence, the scammer will be banned. However the lost items will not be returned.

    CODEZERO Staff will NEVER ask for account details under normal circumstances. This does not include account investigation. In these cases, the player and Staff will communicate in advance prior to the process.

    5.2 Item loss due to Server-sided issues

    In case any item is lost due to a Server-sided issue (For example, a Server crash which would produce a rollback, leading to loss of items dropped from chests in a dungeon), compensation can be given out, however specific items cannot be given back to a player if there are lack of server logs at the time of the malfunction.

    6. Accounts

    Your account is your responsibility, just like the items. You can share your account with friends and family, however the Server will hold no responsibility should something happen to it in the process.

    Should a player decide to quit the game, they can give their account away, in this case the same rules apply to the new account owner . Players should avoid accepting accounts from people they don't know, as the account in question may be stolen or otherwise tampered with. This could lead to the players main account being suspended.

    Staff members are not allowed to share Staff accounts with anybody, doing so will result in the Staff member being immediately removed from the team.


    We provide an impenetrable way for You to secure Your account through CodeZero Guard. CodeZero Guard ensures that only You and people You explicitly allow can access the account. CodeZero Guard must be enabled for You to receive support and if You request Our support, CodeZero Guard must have been enabled at the time that the problem occurred.

    7. Inappropriate language

    Insulting and offensive words are not allowed. This includes derogatory terms, racial slurs, and curse words. This rule also applies to character, Clan names.

    8. Advertising

    Advertisement and promotion of other Rose Online Servers, scamming/key-logger sites, and 3rd party programs is a bannable offense.

    9. Union War

    Being afk in UNION WAR is bannable.


    10. Regarding banned accounts


    Other bannable offenses ban duration
    - Ban duration is subject to the reasoning of the Ban.
    - Range from 1 day to Permanent.
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