FPS dropping at mog and ecf

Discussion in 'Report technical Bug' started by MIKS, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. MIKS

    MIKS New Member

    as the title said.

    when ever i farm Mog or ecf i always experience lag when its to long, fps is dropping like 15fps
    i think this :falling leaves make lag even i set my setting to very low quality and plus display effect off. still lag.

    please fix this please. dont want lag farming.
    and please make less content of the effect to play smooth.
    like when you create lvl 1 at adventure plain so smooth like 100fps
  2. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    I dont think you turn off the effect.
    ALT+O and turn off effect , it will only be effective once you reboot the client!
    toggeling on and off doesnt do a thing at this moment.

    I recommend you refresh game client once every 3hrs+ because ROSE engine isnt user friend as it is built like that before.
    going to any crowded area / prison and after sometime this fps drop will happen.

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