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Discussion in 'Report technical Bug' started by MeizLe, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. MeizLe

    MeizLe New Member

    I just wanna ask if there's a solution for this kind of bug wherin my client just force closing when I'm doing/switching client tabs. About 3/10 of the times.

    It's kinda annoying since it ruins my party. And I'm always having a long run to find spots & kinda frustrating to go back there everytime my client gets thrashed.

    Now I'm only doing a single client (supposedly 2) And it kills me time to just switch here & there just to level them both.

    PS: Its not disconnecting, and I'm my net is doing just fine.

    Hoping someone could atleast take a sight. Grateful to get helped. Thanks :)
  2. xCodeZero

    xCodeZero Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hi can you try to use background rendering?
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  3. savage

    savage Immortal Staff Member GAME MASTER

    try to render and if it crashed again.
    Send a .dmp file which is generatedwhen your client crash, this can be found inside client folder.
  4. MeizLe

    MeizLe New Member

    I tried, & somehow it worked. Thanks a lot ;)
  5. floydii

    floydii New Member

    i have the same issue. how do i render?

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