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    Hello there!

    I've been a rose player for quiet a long time now and this question was always on my mind.
    So as I couldn't find any reliable sources of information or even found contrary information I thought I'll finally ask this here.

    So here is my question:
    Intelligence increases MP amount and magic resistance. This is clear so far. But does it in any way have an effect on stun success rates? I mean do you have higher chances to stun or lower chances to get stunned?
    Because it doesn't seem to have an "anti-stun" effect as well as an "i-stun-more" effect.
    With the fact that I read contrary information (One says so, the other says so) I wanted to ask if anyone has deeply enough knowledge of the game's mechanics to answer this with no doubt^^

    So thanks in advance!
  2. savage

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    Heres the fact
    1. increases magic resistance > therefor it help players to decrease the chances of being stunned or debuffs.
    (note): high mdef doesnt mean you cant be debuff/stunned, likewise it only chances. It also integrates with dodge rate so you have more higher chance of not being debuff/stunned)
    2. Intelligence increases the rate of stun (not the chance)
    example: Eagle Shot lvl10 has 40-50% succesrate rate. Increasing INT wont make it more than above 50%
    Infact it only increases the rate to stun from 40% to 50%.
    like if you have low int, likely your succesrate is always set as 40%
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  3. Ulumulu

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    Thank you for the facts!
    Mistery solved^^

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