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    About Us
    - We are a grade 7 clan currently one of the top clans in-game. We focus mostly on keeping the clan
    at the highest grade possible. We do clan activities a lot, and we love to see you do it with us.

    -As one of the top clans in-game we require a few but not impossible requirements for you to join:
    - High Activity: Your in-game activeness is our utmost priority, helping each other is what we do.
    - Loyalty: Loyalty is important to us, we don't want you to treat this clan as your stepping stone for you endeavors.
    - Respect: As a clan we treat ourselves as family, and toxicity is something we do not tolerate.

    - These requirement may not seem to hard, but as a top clan we like to prioritize attitude rather than material objects

    How to Apply
    -Send a Message to the following Discord
    -Or see us in-game and we can talk about how you can join

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