After 30mins Server Disconnected

Discussion in 'Report technical Bug' started by Farmerrrrrr, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Farmerrrrrr

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    why this always happen to me every 30mins of playing always get disconnected i already restart my modem and all everything about my internet connection was good. Someone help me to fix it
  2. Petroslav

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    This a copy and paste of older message of mine from Discord:

    " I am providing a few steps to follow and try to see if they help. That being said, once I log in with two account, I would always get mandatory two disconnections, usually on the same account, within the first 30-45 min of playing, then it's fine. Therefore occasional disconnections is normal. But if you get it frequently, then there is something wrong.

    1) If you are playing with more than one account at the same time, in the game menu go to Options and then Game. Check the box for "Render Game in Background". 2) Right click on the game icon and choose "Run as Administrator"; 3) If that doesn't help, click the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your screen and in the Search menu type Firewall. Open Windows Firewall and on the right side click "Turn Windows Firewall On and Off". Check the Off window. When you are not playing, keep it on; 4) I noticed that when you play in Window mode rather than Full Screen mode, I rarely get disconnected. The screen mode is available for change in Options or when you open the game folder and run the file TriggerDetect.

    You may ignore step 3) as it usually affect the ability to run a program and not the connectivity. I will add step 5) since I noticed you said you use modem. If your modem heats up to touch and it has been on for prolonged time (especially when it's hot in the room), you have to turn in off for 5-10 min to cool down and then re-start. I used to have this issue about 10-12 years ago with my old modem.

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