PATCH v2276 OCTOBER 15, 2019

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    • Fixed Alien Body with wrong price on item mall. (im sure alot of player abuse before they reported it)
    • Fixed gloves on the Itemmall having level requirement.
    • Adjusted Alien Body Stat from int5 to ap10.
    • Adjusted and Fixed Junon, Lunar and Eldeon invasion bugs and rewards not to exceed rather than intended.
    • Added new basic skill "Alchemy Craft"
      This can be purchase at NPC Leia at Junon Polis

    • Added new material "Empty Crate" at NPC Leia
    • Added the following item to Alchemy Craft table. (this will allow you to craft a crate with less weight)
    Crates of Wooden Arrow
    Crates of Bone Arrow
    Crates of Stone Arrow
    Crates of Claw Arrow
    Crates of Metal Arrow
    Crates of Gilded Arrow
    Crates of Platinum Arrow
    Crates of Fire Arrow
    Crates of White Night Arrow
    Crates of Demon Arrow
    Crates of Nymph Arrow
    Crates of Elven Arrow
    Crates of Lightning Arrow
    Crates of Storm Arrow
    Crates of Bean Bullet
    Crates of Bullet
    Crates of Lead Bullet
    Crates of Plated Bullet
    Crates of Silver-Plated Bullet
    Crates of Gold-Plated Bullet
    Crates of Platinum Bullet
    Crates of Fire Bullet
    Crates of Cold Bullet
    Crates of Poison Bullet
    Crates of Cannon Shell
    Crates of Iron Shell
    Crates of Track Shell
    Crates of Bomber Shell
    Crates of Blaze Shell
    Crates of Poison Shell
    Crates of Fire Shell
    Crates of Cold Shell

    • Clan Arena Adjustments
      Adjusted clan start fees,funds and rewards which allows clan to enter the arena.
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