PATCH v2247 JULY 17 2019

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    • Fixed Super Turak name.
    • Fixed Ultimate Skill bonus chain damage.
      *this has been massively abused by using cleric skill dedication.
    • Fixed attack speed down and movement speed down for all jobs that is not working properly.
    • Union War to 1 per hardware ID.
    • UW announcement will only be shown to players level 100 and above that have joined an union and only twice. 1: at start, 2: when there is only 5 minutes left to register.
    • Changed union war registration requirement to level 100 instead of 200
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't claim reward for Tiger and Lion Skins quest on Eldeon quest board.

    (NEW) Planet Invasion Event

    We are now introducing planet invasion event. As the events are on TEST PHASE, once we are done tweaking the monster damage and rewards with your help, the event will automatically commence thrice a week.

    We are inviting all players to participate in our invasion event. We will announce in game/discord/Facebook when we do the test (With Rewards depends on the Rank).
    Currently we've set the event for level 190 and above. We have 3 invasion to test including Junon Invasion, Luna Invasion and Eldeon Invasion.
    Protect the crystal, defeat the monster and slay the main Boss in order to win this event.

    (NEW) Organized and improved Item Mall
    • Added new seasonal boxes in Item Mall.
    • Added 1 new shield in Item Mall.
    • Added item preview for Item Mall.
      *Item preview will only work and only compatible with game clients resolution @ ALT+O.

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