PATCH v2244 JULY 04 2019

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    PATCH v2244
    • Attempt to fix UW stuck issue
    • UW event Level requirement adjusted to Level 200
    • New Announcement UI for UW[​IMG]

    • Adjusted and increased few stats on old item mall items and its category.
    • Edited Demon Wings stats from HP350 to HP300.
    • Edited Holy Wings of Mana stats from Crit12 to SEN10.
    • Edited Green Earth Wings stats from HR15 to HR12.
    • Edited Arc Guardian Wings stat from DR15 to DR12.
    • Edited Goddess Wings stats from Crit15 to crit12.
    • Fixed female martial artist female set being switched.
    • Added extra description on Costume Box items.

    -As you did not know we already released the costume bonus set (set effect as costume) on Item Mall.

    Red Truckbot Head - Exp Rate 10%
    Red Truckbot Body
    Red Truckbot Arms
    Red Truckbot Boots

    Yellow Truckbot Head - Item Drop Increase 5
    Yellow Truckbot Body
    Yellow Truckbot Arms
    Yellow Truckbot Boots

    Red Martial Arts Head - Hitting Rate 10
    Red Martial Arts Outfit
    Red Martial Arts Wrist
    Red Martial Arts Shoes

    White Martial Arts Head - Attack Speed 10
    White Martial Arts Outfit
    White Martial Arts Wrist
    White Martial Arts Shoes

    Blue Tatoo Hat - Movement Speed 100
    Blue Tatoo Body
    Blue Tatoo Gloves
    Blue Tatoo Shoes

    Red Tatoo Hat - Dodge Rate 10
    Red Tatoo Body
    Red Tatoo Gloves
    Red Tatoo Shoes

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